3 Column Layouts

by on October 31, 2010

Curvy, fresh and flexible, Fervens is a high-quality three-column weblog theme with a choice between three layouts.

Fervens users can choose whether they’d like two sidebars on the left, two on the right or one each side of the main content column.

Other features include widget integration and a couple of built-in plugins, including for displaying your Flickr photostream.

Demo and download:

Demo Fervens A
Demo Fervens B
Demo Fervens C

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Carrington is a complex, multi-layered WordPress theme that looks good out of the box and offers a multitude of advanced customisations for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper.

The theme is focused on creating a quality structure for your website and offers easy custom development.

Carrington won’t be for everyone, because it has something of a learning curve to figure out how to make customisations. However, once you make the leap you can use this theme to create very flexible, powerful websites.

Features include:

  • Flexible and powerful Carrington template system
  • Rich, semantic markup (with Sandbox CSS classname support)
  • Tasty styling and typography
  • Page and category navigation menus
  • AJAX loading of posts in archive lists (optional)
  • AJAX loading of comments (optional)
  • Theme abstraction and organization like none other

Demo and download:


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